Friday, December 31, 2010

Prisma Continued

Here we go with the shirt and the rest of the Snowman.
I picked the following colors for the shirts. PC 909 Grass Green, PC911 Olive Green, PC908 Dark Green. Start of with Grass green.

 Once again go back with grass green and darken where you think the shadows will be.
Now add olive green to where you think the shadows will be.
 Once that is done its time to add the darkest color, which is dark green.
 The final step is to blend with the colorless blender
I think you can see the difference between the last two photos. The colorless pencil really makes the colors pop.

For the rest of the snowman I used the following:
Snowman Body : PC 1086 Sky blue light.
Snowman Cheeks: PC 928 Blush Pink
Snowman Mouth :PC 1018 Pink Rose
Snowman Tongue: PC 924 Crimson Red
Snowman Nose: PC 918 Orange, PC 921 Vermillon Clair
Football: PC 1082 Chocolate.

Tomorrow I will post from tips  for when you color.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your coloring technique :) LOVE the cheesehead of course!!! Happy New Year!