Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! I know long time no see. I got really busy at work and then I went off to Poland for a while.  Why Poland? I'm Polish and a proud one. My mom was born and raise in Warszawa (Warsaw). My aunt( mom's sis) was going over there for three weeks, so my mom told me I was going. LOl  I really didn't have a choice. So I spent 8 days in the city that my mom grew up in. I will stay it's so much cleaner there. The people are also very nice. I got to see  some of the sites with my aunt and Babci ( grandma). I wish I had a month to see everything, but my job only allows me to be off for one week. One day I hope to go with my mom. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my trip. I took a lot . Over 600 so this is a fraction.

  Park across from my Babci's Apartment.
                                                              Symbol of Warsaw
                                                               Square in Old Town
                                                             Pigeons in Old Town
                                                               A building in New Town
       This Church is next door to the Presidential Palace. It contains the heart of Chopin.
                                                                  Presidential Palace
  Guard in front of the Presidential Palace.
 Some fence by the church that contains Chopin's heart.
  Part of the fence.
   Part of the fence.

 Their version of the Tombs of unknown soldiers.
  Belweder. This is where the current President lives.
 A duck in Park Łazienkowski( Royal Bath Park).
                                                                 Park Łazienkowski
                                                                  Park Łazienkowski 
   Łazienki Palace (The Palace on the Water).
                                                        Squirrel in Park Łazienkowski
                              Duck in Park Łazienkowski
Monument of Chopin in Park Łazienkowski
                                                              A Cow in Park Łazienkowski
 Some highway by Park Łazienkowski
                                                                Wilanów Palace
                                                                   Wilanów Palace
   Bride and Groom at Wilanów Palace

                                                                    Wilanów Palace

                                                               Gardens at Wilanów Palace

 Court yard of the Royal Castle
                                                            Inside of the Royal Castle

                                                                           Old town
                                                          Bride at  fountain Podzamcze
Bride and Groom at  fountain Podzamcze
                                                                     New Town

  Top of Pałac Kultury i Nauki,(Palace of Culture and Science)

Inside Golden Terraces . It's a Mall.
                                                                           Old Town

                                                                  fountain Podzamcze
                                                                New Town at night.
                                                             A Cemetery in the country.
                                                                     My cousin's dog.