Saturday, January 1, 2011

Primsa Tips

 Happy New Year!!!!

Now onto the tips.These tips are in no particular order.

1. Test your colors with each other. See if the look good next to each other. I normally scribble them side by side and have the run into each other. Also  run the colorless blender over the color.  Sometimes when you add the colorless blender the color changes to something you didn't want.
2. Take your time.

3. DO NOT brush away any shavings that come off your pencil with your hand. Just blow them away.

4. Clean off the tip of the colorless pencil. I forget to do this a lot. You can find it in my snowman.

5. Keep a pretty sharp tip. Not super pointy.

6. Always start off light. You can always add color.

7. Now if you started off light you can erase. If you didn't well my only tip is to erase harder.  The color won't totally go away.

8.  Try to have good lighting. It helps you see the colors better.

9. Work on a flat surface. Make sure there is nothing under that paper. If you color to hard  it will show.

10. Print out a Prismacolor Pencil chart. Color in all the pencils you have and put it up on a wall as a visual aid. This will help you when you pick out colors to go with each other.  Chart

11. Have Fun and Experiment =)

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