Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coloring With Prisma Colored Pencils

I color with Prisma colored pencils, but I rarely do gamsol. So I bet you're asking then how do you color. Well I use my pencils and a colorless pencil? I try to blend colors together. To do this I use  Strathmore 300 series Bristol smooth for my paper. I just stamp right on it and then start coloring.

Here is the paper:

 Now Stamp. This is PK-09 Cheesy Packer Fans.

 Now test you colors. You want to use a light,medium, and dark color. I will be starting with the cheese hat. I used PC916 Canary Yellow, PC917 Sunburst Yellow,PC1003 Spanish Orange.

Once your colors are set you can start.  Start coloring with you lightest color(Canary). Make sure you color lightly and in  small circles.
After you lightly color you can go back with Canary and darken  the areas you think the shadows will be.

Once you are done with that take your medium color. I used Sunburst.  I left a little of the canary showing.

We are almost done. Next is the Darkest color (Spanish orange). With this color I stayed by the edges and where things touched.
Now for the last steps. You can go back over with the canary to blend or use the  PC colorless blender.
 The colorless blender to me blends and makes the colors pop.

I colored the head of the beer with PC914 Cream. I lightly colored it and then went heavy around the edges. The beer is done with PC 915 Lemon,PC 916 Canary, PC 917 Sunburst.
 Tomorrow I will Color in the Shirt and the Football. Please Stay Tuned.

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