Friday, December 10, 2010

Peachy Keen Let's Face it Friday Challenge

The Challenge:

Using a lunch sack or a paper grocery bag, create a winter-inspired project. Some ideas can be a set of ornaments (staple two pieces of the lunch sack together), stamp the paper bag & use as wrapping paper, a holiday gift bag (paint both sides of the bag with gesso first if painting it), spray with archival mist to use as an element in a scrapbook page, crinkle and use distress ink to create an aged element, use the brown bag to wrap a frame or pail, or make a craft that a child could help you create (puppets)! The sky's the limit, and the more creative, the better!

  This was such a hard one for me.My first idea bombed. I wanted to make snowflakes, but my Cricut decided it wasn't going to cut the paper bag. So I made a card and wrapped it up like a gift. I think it came out cute. The gingerbread girl is a tag the receiver can use.

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