Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sky Diving

So not craft related! Today I went sky diving with a coworker and my boyfriend.  Those two want their licenses, so they will be doing a lot jumps. I'm not going to lie when they went for their first jump I told them they are nutts. So when They asked me I thought about it  and then said yes. LOl I told my mom and well you all know how moms are. She tired to use my dad against me, but was unsuccessful. It's hard for and ex paratrooper to say you can't  jump out of planes. Let me tell you that I was not scared nor nervous at any point. I guess it's in my blood. So where did I go?  Same place Rachel Ray( my bf got the same guy as her. They decided to do flips!) went  These people are the best in the area. If you are ever in Upstate Ny you have to do it!

Here is my proof!


  1. OMGosh Jessica, you are one brave woman!!! I am so afraid of heights, but my 15 year old can't wait to go sky diving! We missed you at the challenge thread last night.